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Lifted Podcast

Here you can find the Lifted podcast with a bit of my take after the show, some photos of maybe what's been discussed and who knows what else.  


Inaugural Show- Introducing - 'Lifted'

 After six (6) years in hiatus, I'm back!  Join me and guests Leticia A. Martinez and Zita Oliveira as we join each other outside of our Messenger chats and onto a recorded show.  Make yourself a good hot cuppa or maybe a nice, cool drink and come sit with us as we take some time to talk with one another.  We cover a bit of this and that and try to keep things light in the first of what is sure to be many more shows to come. We simply scratched the surfaces of things in this talk.  Our conversation is simply real and got me back onto the proverbial horse in the best way.  Thank you both for joining me for my first official show back!